Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Idaho’s Advanced Opportunity programs support the State Board of Education’s goal for 60% of Idahoans between the ages of 25 and 34 to attain a postsecondary degree or credential by 2020.  Students may:

  • begin an accelerated track as early as 7th grade
  • earn college credit in high school
  • take credit-bearing/professional-technical exams
  • receive state scholarships for graduating early

Application for these programs can be tricky and cumbersome. School districts, however, are there to help parents and students navigate the processes related to Advanced Opportunities.

Refer to the Idaho State Department of Education Advanced Opportunities website for complete information about programs for all Idaho students. Program parameters, requirements, course eligibility, and forms for reimbursement are available under the Advanced Opportunities Toolkit link.

Overview of Programs

Fast Forward

All juniors and seniors attending public high schools in Idaho are eligible for state aid to pay for dual credit courses and college bearing/professional technical exams.  Students may be reimbursed for up to:

  • 3 dual credits for juniors or the financial equivalent of $195 for exams
  • 6 dual credits for seniors or the financial equivalent of $390 for exams


Students in grades 7-12 can be reimbursed for middle and high school overload courses.  Students would then have opportunities to become Early Completers or qualify for the Mastery Advancement Program scholarship in high school  Students may be reimbursed for up to:

  • $225 per course
  • 2 courses per semester
  • 4 courses per year
  • 8 courses per student

Early Completers

Students who have completed state graduation requirements* early, may use state aid to pay for dual credit courses and college-bearing/professional technical exams while still in high school.  Students may be reimbursed for up to:

  • 18 dual credits per semester or 12 dual credits per trimester
  • $75 per credit
  • 6 exams per semester or 4 exams per trimester
  • $90 per exam

*Eligibility requirements excludes senior project and math in the final year.

Mastery Advancement

Students who graduate from high school at least one year early, are eligible for a scholarship equal to 35% of their Average Daily Attendance allocation to an Idaho, public, post-secondary institution of their choice.  This equates to roughly $1,400 for every year early that the student graduates.