Courses offered in High Schools

The University of Idaho offers dual credit courses on several high school campuses across the state. Students who enroll in these courses pay $65/credit hour plus any special lab or course fees, and upon successful completion they earn credit from the University of Idaho.

Courses offered on U-Idaho Campuses

Beginning fall 2012, students who are Idaho residents and enroll in courses offered on the UI campus will pay the part-time student fee noted on the Student Accounts website, plus any special lab or course fees.

Please Note: Out-of-state students pay an additional part-time, non-resident fee.

Online Courses

Beginning fall 2012, students who enroll in online courses will pay the part-time student fee noted on the Student Accounts website, plus a $35/credit hour technology fee.

Please Note: Non-resident fees do not apply to online courses.

Fee Payment

We do not offer payment plans to Dual Credit students.  All registration forms must have payment attached or they will not be processed.

Students who qualify for Fast Forward funding must follow the instructions below:

  • For the spring 2015 semester, high schools must submit a spreadsheet with their students’ registration forms.
  • Since we do not have students’ grade level information or know if they have taken fall dual credit courses through any other higher education institutions, we cannot determine how much each student will owe and how much the school district will be paying through the Fast Forward program.
  • School Districts with whom we have a third party agreement in place will be billed for the amounts that are specified on the spring spreadsheet.
  • A hard copy of the spreadsheet must be sent with the registration forms and an Excel copy emailed to Katherine Clancy  in Student Accounts (she is sending out a communique to all our partnering school district business offices as an FYI).

Please Note: We will not be able to enroll students without the spreadsheet.

Any account balances need to be cleared prior to processing any spring 2015 registrations.

Students who choose to pay their fees by credit card may use the Credit Card Payment Form on the Dual Credit home page.  Simply print it out, fill it out, and attach it to the registration form.

Questions should be directed to Katherine Clancy in Student Accounts/Cashiers (208) 885-2132.


Courses offered on High School Campuses

  • High school students who take courses on a high school campus are subject to the Dates & Deadlines posted on this site.

Any refunds after the above dates require students to file an appeal with the Administrative Hearing Board. Forms are available at Student Accounts/Cashiers. Call (208) 885-7447 or email acctrec@uidaho.edu for assistance.

Courses offered on U-Idaho Campuses

  • High School students who take courses on the University of Idaho Campus are subject to the University’s Dates & Deadlines.