Fees & Payment


Courses offered in High Schools

The University of Idaho offers dual credit courses on several high school campuses across the state. Students who enroll in these courses pay $65/credit hour plus any special lab or course fees, and upon successful completion they earn credit from the University of Idaho.

Courses offered on U-Idaho Campuses

Students who are Idaho residents and enroll in courses offered on the UI campus pay the part-time student fee noted on the Student Accounts website, plus any special lab or course fees.

Please Note: Out-of-state students pay an additional part-time, non-resident fee.

Online Courses

Students who enroll in online courses through the University of Idaho pay the part-time student fee noted on the Student Accounts website, plus a $35/credit hour technology fee.

Please Note: Non-resident fees do not apply to online courses.

Students who enroll in U-Idaho courses through the Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) are subject to IDLA’s fee structure.  For complete information refer to the IDLA website.

Fee Payment

We do not offer payment plans to Dual Credit students.  All registration forms must have payment attached or they will not be processed.


The State Department of Education has developed a portal for students and administrators as a way to apply for and track Advanced Opportunities funding.  Sessions will be hosted in each region to train and update users with changes related to Advanced Opportunities. All school districts and public charter schools implementing these programs should plan to have a representative present at one of the trainings.

  • Students who are using Advanced Opportunities/Fast Forward funds should work with their high school to apply for funding on the Advanced Opportunities Portal.
  • Students who are not using Advanced Opportunities/Fast Forward funds (e.g., sophomores) should attach full payment in the form of a Check, Money Order, or use the Credit Card Payment Form available on the Dual Credit website.  NO CASH ACCEPTED.


  • Students who have taken dual credit classes through the University of Idaho in the past do not need to reapply for admission.  They may simply write their UI student ID number on their paper Dual Credit Registration form.  If they can’t remember it, they may leave the field blank.
  • Students who have not taken dual credit classes through the University of Idaho in the past must first be admitted to the University.
  • Apply for admission online by going to the Dual Credit website, clicking on the Admission link, and following the instructions.  READ THE TIPS FIRST!
  • Students will receive an acceptance letter with important account ID information.  Remind them to KEEP THIS letter and add their UI student ID number to the Dual Credit Registration form once they are admitted.


  • Go to the Dual Credit website and click on the Registration link.  Print out the two-page document, read the instructions, and direct students to complete the Student Information section of the form.  Students will need assistance with the Class Information section. Refer to the Courses link on the Dual Credit website.  Class information is located under Courses in High Schools and is listed alphabetically by high school.
  • Make sure students sign the form and get a parent/guardian signature as well (required regardless of student’s age).


  • All Dual Credit Registration forms should be returned to the high school counselor for signature. Counselors then batch and submit the forms in one mailing to:

University of Idaho
Office of the Registrar
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4260 
Moscow, ID  83844-4260

All Admission, Registration, Financial Aid Approval or Payment MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE DEADLINE

  • The Registrar’s Office will email the designated High School Dual Credit contact(s) if any registration problems are encountered.
  • The contact is responsible for working with the student(s) to resolve any problems by the deadline.
  • Please make sure the UI Dual Credit Office has current contact information.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

  • Remember that students’ educational information (i.e., academic and financial) cannot be discussed with parents without the student’s signed consent to do so due to federal regulations (i.e., FERPA).
  • Students who want their parents to be able to discuss this information with university personnel must complete and submit a Consent to Release Student Information form, which is located under the Parents link at the bottom of the page.  Submit this form with their registration form.


Courses offered on High School Campuses

  • High school students who take courses on a high school campus are subject to the Dates & Deadlines posted on this site.

Any refunds after the above dates require students to file an appeal with the Administrative Hearing Board. Forms are available at Student Accounts/Cashiers. Call (208) 885-7447 or email acctrec@uidaho.edu for assistance.

Courses offered on U-Idaho Campuses

  • High School students who take courses on the University of Idaho Campus are subject to the University’s Dates & Deadlines.